The Danger Of Keyless Cars: What You Need To Know


In 2018, we want everything to be bigger, better, and faster. That especially applies to our cars. Even if you don’t want the latest model of a car, you want it to be as conveniently built as possible. A more recent car trend in the last 10 years is “keyless cars.”

Now, there is technically a key to these cars, but the key is actually inside of a fob, which never needs to be put into the ignition to start the car. Instead, the driver can press a button or turn the ignition (without a key inside) to start the car. The car has sensors that allow it to recognize that the key is inside of the car, either in the driver’s bag, jacket, or pocket, and it makes it unnecessary to actually take the key out.

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While this is very useful for people who hate digging around in their bag, it actually can pose a bit of danger to the user. Danger lurks even in hybrid cars. Many of these hybrids are so quiet, it doesn’t even sound like the engine is running.

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Drivers do not even need to take their keys out of the bag to get inside of the car. Depending on the type of key fob, they can just touch the car door handle or press a button on the handle to open the car.


One issue that has emerged because of these keyless entries is people are forgetting to turn off their cars. According to The New York Times, over two dozen people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning after leaving their cars running in their garage. A dozen other debilitating injuries have also been reported.

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One way that this can be stopped is for car makers to create alarms that can be heard from outside of the car. Currently, it would appear that an alarm sounds from inside of the car if you get out with the key but the car is still running. These alarms are not loud enough to hear if the driver walks away from the vehicle. Another option is that everyone follows General Motors (GM) lead, as their cars will automatically shut off after a period of time when the driver has exited the vehicle.


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