Amethyst Crystals, Known For Their Healing Powers, Are Huge In Alternative Medicine

amethyst crystals

Currently, many people are turning to alternative forms of medicine, especially when dealing with emotional issues, such as high levels of anxiety, stress and just needing to get the body grounded and in tune with nature.

The amethyst gemstone has been one of the highly sought-after crystals in history known for its energy healing powers for the body, and Chakra balancing.


Beautiful, ethereal Amethyst clusters and points from Madagascar. 💜 these little ones have some of the most beautiful hues of purple I have ever seen! Unlike amethyst from South America, these little beauties are such a soft, pure lilac/lavender. 😍 they are currently not for sale… we are using them in an upcoming large project. • Amethyst is perfect for the amplification and healing of the crown chakra- relieving it's owner of stress, nightmares, and insomnia. Amethyst helps one to clear the mind, remove negative thoughts, and ease anxiety and stress. This is one protective stone! 🙏 • #amethyst #amethystcrystal #madagascar #crystallove #crystal #crystalcollection #crown #crownchakra #healing #naturalhealing #yoga #reiki #energyhealing

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Famous celebrities, like Madonna and Katy Perry, use amethyst crystals for focus, meditation, and comfort considering their highly energetic and creative lifestyle. Perry stated in a July 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, “I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male. Maybe I need to calm it down with the amethyst.” (I can say without a question, she has been successful in attracting male attention!)

call me the purple teletubby ok 💜

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The idea of using a gemstone for healing seems a bit controversial, but try to have an open mind and investigate the positive energy they can emit. Out of all the ‘Feng shui’ healing stones,  the amethyst gemstone remains one of the most noted for its magical capabilities.


So, it’s time to put down the pill bottle and instead, carry a purple amethyst quartz stone around your neck. Additionally:

  • Place a stone inside your pillow at night to help get some good ZZZ’s as amethyst helps with several sleeping disorders.
  • To endure a safe journey when traveling, place a handful of amethyst crystals in your vehicle, they make great travel companions.
  • Place some tumbled and polished amethyst nuggets in the corners of your office or home. Amethyst is great to have around where tensions and excessive emotions can run high and people have trouble communicating their emotions in a calm manner. The crystals will protect and purify your space and energy, for negativity; add higher energy to the room, and smooth the path to a more meditative state by cleaning the mind of unnecessary clutter.

All of the soothing vibes in this photo🙏🏻 . . I’m in my runner right now waiting to pick up my babies on their last day of school. Summer is officially here and I’m beyond excited and grateful I don’t have to miss a moment of it. I’ve got so many adventures planned. Having children and I wife that is my absolute best friend in the entire world makes life so worth living. 🌿🌸 . . Amethyst – works with our Crown Chakra and Third Eye. It is extremely soothing emotionally therefor helping with stress, emotional exhaustion, and calms a overactive mind. It helps to ease addictions and addictive personalities, allowing potential for change and growth. Its a stone of spiritual protection, so it helps us with having a clear head and quick thinking. It helps us to be more in tune with our feelings, helping us to get to know our self on a deeper level. . #amethyst #soothing #chakras #purple #etsyseller #flowers #colorful #lgbtartist #stones #crystalhealing #crystallovers #amethystcluster #sphere #myphotography #summershere #behappy #goodvibes #positiveenergy #witchy #magik #driedflowers

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Some Amethyst Gemstone Facts:

Amethyst is the official birthstone for February and the birthstone for the zodiac sign of Pisces. Additionally, the amethyst gemstone is used for the 4th, 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries.

It’s known for its rulership of the “Crown Chakra” and the “Stone of Spirit.”

Purple Amethyst is a semiprecious stone sought-after by royalty for thousands of years. Its purple colored crystals may come from the presence of trace amounts of manganese or iron.  The top-quality amethyst stones are deep medium purple with shimmery rays of rosé wine. Other shades include lavender, deep purple, lilac, indigo, and mauve.

amethyst museum
Wikimedia / Tiia Monto

The amethyst stone has been so important throughout history that Romans and the Greeks would use goblets inlaid with amethyst to prevent intoxication when serving guests wine, Catholic bishops would wear amethyst rings to symbolize priestly dignity, Jewish priests would place a stone in their identity breastplates to symbolize spiritual powers, and Christian crusaders would attach amethyst to their rosaries for magical protection.

amethyst jewelry
Pixabay / stux

Amethysts can literally be found all over the world, with some of the most precious specimens found in Russia, Greece, Italy, the Middle East, South Americ and Northern Africa. It has been highly-prized throughout the ages for its exquisite beauty and legendary healing powers of the body.


Today, most amethyst gemstones used for making jewelry are heat-treated to produce a deeper shade of purple that won’t fade over time.

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