People Have Been Creating Incredible Sculptures Out Of The Red Wax From Babybel Cheese

babybel cheese

Cheese is one of the best foods out there. It’s inarguable; even just hearing the words “gouda,” “brie,” and “cheddar” is enough to make many people get hungry.

If you love cheese, chances are you’ve tried Babybel at some point in your life. The cheese is especially popular as a snack for kids. Of course, the most recognizable thing about Babybel cheese is the iconic red wax wrapper.


babybel cheese
Wikimedia / Elya + Fotandi

Mini Babybel cheese wheels are a great snack — not only are they tasty and nutritious, they’re also fun to play with!

wax cheese
Flickr / Matthew Bellemare

Anyone who has ever eaten this cheese knows how satisfying it can be to peel off the red wax, eat the cheese, and then play with the wax and form shapes with it.


Flickr / Marco Verch

Obviously, most people just make balls and other simple shapes out of the wax, but some people go above and beyond.

That’s right, some creative individuals have started creating sculptures and other works of art out of the red wax from these little cheese bites!


Have you had Babybel cheese before? Did you do anything creative with the wax wrapper?

Although the company offers different colors of wax for different flavors of cheese, the red wax (on the Edam cheese) is the most popular.

How wild are these sculptures? Would you have ever guessed that they were made out of the wax surrounding cheese?

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