Exterminator Reveals Cheap Secret: Never See Ants In Your Home Again


2. Vinegar


Vinegar repels ants in much the same way as cinnamon. Ants hate the smell and scutter away. Making the vinegar spray to repel ants is the easiest. Pour distilled vinegar and water in a spray bottle in equal measures. Add some drops of lemon essential oil. Shake it properly and spray where you see ants. Normally, they would make a nest. Often they are found in cracks and sidings. You would see them coming in and out of hole repeatedly. This means they have created a nest there. Spray your vinegar mixture there until you have an ant-free zone.

3. Borax

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As opposed to the above two recipes, borax works to invite ants where there is food. Food with borax is then taken and shared by ants with their fellow mates in the nest. This food ultimately kills them.


Mix peanut butter (2tbs), sugar (2tbs), water (1tbs) and borax (1tbs). Put the mixture in a plastic container with a lid. Make sure to poke holes so that the ants could come in and out of the container.

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