Don Knotts’ Daughter Said She Had To Leave His Deathbed To Laugh


Since Knotts had an unhappy childhood, the memories would hit him at random moments and catch his off guard. Karen mentions her father having several different kids on mood. Because he saw himself spiral downwards, he immediately got a treatment from a psychiatrist. He emerged healthier than ever.

Posted by Tied Up in Knotts: Karen Knotts on Saturday, May 26, 2012

Karen calls her father a “showbiz person,” as that was something they liked to always talk about. Even though Knotts wouldn’t frequently go outside with his daughter and do the typical dad stuff, he loved sharing and discussing interesting topics with Karen.


Apart from being a great father, Knotts is best known for his undying passion for entertaining his audience and viewers. He was last seen in 2006, giving voice to a deputy bloodhound named Sniffer in “Air Buddies.”

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