9 Unforgettable MTV Unplugged Performances

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In 1993, Seattle grunge rock band Nirvana taped a legendary acoustic concert as part of the MTV Unplugged series. In recognition of their epic show, DoYouRemember looks back at the Most Unforgettable MTV Unplugged Performances of All Time.

1. Nirvana – “About A Girl”

2. Paul McCartney: “Every Night” (1991)

Legendary rocker Paul McCartney’s appearance on MTV Unplugged gave the former Beatle a chance to reach a much younger audience than he was accustomed to at the time, but he certainly got fans going with his unforgettable performance.


3. R.E.M.: “Losing My Religion” (1991)

One of the most impactful songs of the ’90s, R.E.M.’s acoustic version of “Losing My Religion” didn’t dilute its powerful message when the group hit the stage at Chelsea Studios in New York to perform.

4. A Tribe Called Quest: “Can I Kick It?” (1991)

Regardless of the venue or situation, there was just something so right about Tribe performing this song for a live audience. The acoustics gave it a live backyard-barbeque type of feel that is missing in today’s rap landscape. And LL Cool J’s performance is a bonus for true hip-hop heads.


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