Here Are Fifteen Need-To-Know Aluminum Foil Hacks Your Mom Never Taught You


Even if your idea of cooking falls well short of professional, you still probably use aluminum foil fairly regularly. As a fantastic insulator, this handy item is essential to any kitchen supply cabinet.

Nevertheless, aluminum foil has a whole ton of other uses that most people are tragically unaware of. The next time you buy a roll for your culinary endeavors, grab the second one; as you’ll see, it can make your life much easier!


Here are 15 clever uses for aluminum foil that will make your life outside of the kitchen super simple. You’ll never look at tin foil the same way again!

1. Eliminate static electricity from clothing: It can be frustrating when you’re trying to smooth out your clothing and little bits of debris cling on and refuse to let go. Rubbing a ball of foil on the material will eliminate that pesky static once and for all.

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2. Turn AAA batteries into AA batteries: Most pieces of electronics require AA batteries, but if you only have AAA batteries lying around, you can convert them! Try placing a small bit of foil at the positive ends before inserting them into your equipment.

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3. Iron both sides of your clothes at once: Wrinkled clothes make you look unprofessional, but ironing them can take a while. Placing a sheet of foil underneath clothing while you iron them saves time and helps leave the material crease-free!

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4. Replace a funnel: Trying to get a large amount of liquid into a small opening can be very frustrating if you don’t have a funnel on hand. To save yourself from having to clean up a huge spill, simply mold the foil into a funnel shape and insert it into the opening of whatever needs to be filled.


5. Sharpen scissors: If you’re the type of person who uses scissors frequently, then you know that the blades tend to dull after hundreds of snips. However, cutting into a piece of foil several times will slightly sharpen them.


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