10 Aluminum Foil Hacks Your Mom Never Taught You


Aluminum foil definitely deserves more attention than it has been getting. This multi-talented tin foil has some really amazing uses beyond the walls of your kitchen. From cleaning your silverware to achieving a stronger WiFi signal, this resourceful foil has uses that you were never aware of!

Find out some interesting aluminum foil hacks below! How many of these did you learn from your mother or grandmother when you were growing up?


1. Get rid of static cling

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Having static clothes with tons of debris sticking on can be really irritating. Rubbing balled up aluminum foil can do away with the static for good.

2. Make AA batteries in a pinch

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Next time, you don’t have to go searching around for AA batteries in case you are stuck with the AAA ones. Just grab a piece of aluminum foil and plug it on the positive ends of the battery and your AAA will be converted to AA!


3. Save time when ironing

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If you are running late for a meeting but have to absolutely iron that suit to impress, save time by placing an aluminum foil beneath the clothing and removing the creases from both sides at the same time.

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