Fulfilling His Childhood Dream, Husband Builds Pond-Size Swimming Pool In His Backyard


Had a blast with the church fam at Thornton's.

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While the pool used to be free to use, the family now asks for a small donation so that they keep this unique treasure in the best shape possible. It certainly seemed like a fair request, considering how popular it’s become, no?

This is what I got to do today. No big deal. #ThorntonsPool

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Eventually, the pool became a central part of life in their small Tennessee town. In fact, it’s so popular that people don’t just use the pools for parties and recreation. More than 400 different people have been baptized at this pool!

Thorntons Pool!

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Pool Party!

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This 500,000-galloon dream come true is definitely a unique treasure, not just for Mickey and his family, but for their community. To hear from Mickey himself—and to get a better look at his pool project—watch the video below!

NOW WATCH: Giant 317,000 gallon backyard pool

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