20 Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Famous Parents


Forget spending thousands on plastic surgery or hitting all of the right Instagram angles in order to transform yourself into the hottest Hollywood stars, because sometimes, it’s all down to genetics. And there’s no denying that the best celebrity doppelgängers are kids who look like their famous parents. Whether the stars’ offspring are still children or have grown up to be full-fledged adults, one thing’s for sure: Genetics is cray, and seeing double, miniature versions of celebs we know and love is kind of a trippy experience. I’m talkin’ double takes all around. Double takes for days.

To be honest, I’ve always thought that one of the coolest things about being a parent is seeing your own DNA passed down to the next generation, a piece of you that will forever live on down the family line. When you can see yourself in your child — your own facial expressions, your own mannerisms, your own eyes or hair or smile — it has to be like looking into some futuristic, funhouse mirror. And when this happens in Hollywood — a place ruled by a celebrity-obsessed culture that allows people’s faces to be so ingrained in our minds — there’s no doubt that the double phenomenon is even crazier, because now the entire adoring public can freak out together at the wonder of genetics together. Biology, amirite?


1. We could have compared Sosie to her famous actress mother, Kyra Sedgwick, but, when you take a good look at this photo of Sosie with her dad, Kevin Bacon, she really looks like a softer version of him! Though she has her mother’s eyes, the rest of her face from her nose to her high forehead and her winning smile come from her father! Moving on, did you know Cindy Crawford had a daughter…?

Hollywood Life

2. Cindy Crawford’s access to the fountain of youth makes the notion of confusing her with her daughter, Kaia, as a younger sister totally reasonable. Same skin tone, hair color, eye color, and even career path! Kaia has started pursuing modeling similar to her mother who, you can imagine, has her concerns about her daughter entering the business of superficial beauty. The next father and son are a bittersweet flash to the past!

Daily Mail

3. If you didn’t see an older George Harrison in this photo, wouldn’t you think for a moment that his son, Dhani, was a younger him? They are practically twins! It seems as though the only major difference between in appearance resulted from Dhani inheriting his mother’s hair type. Last, but not least, an apple which didn’t fall very far from the tree (we had to say it at least once!)…


4. Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter, Apple have practically the same nose and hair and, though Apple’s father, Chris Martin from Coldplay, is clearly present in her eyes, Gwyneth’s intensity shines through Apple’s expression. Would this young girl remind you of the movie star if you saw her on her own?

The Sun

5. Clint Eastwood and Scott Eastwood look just alike and they know it! See how much Scott looks like his dad back in his Western film days? If you check out Scott’s Instagram account, you’ll think a young Clint Eastwood found Marty’s time machine! Next up, take a good look at this mother and daughter and you’ll see the resemblance will only grow in time!


6. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s daughter, Violet, is practically a clone of her mother with blonde hair. They have the same ears, smile, and focused eyes. The next father and son might win for the closest look-alike parent and child on this whole list – what do you think?

Daily Mail

7. Ice Cube and O’Shea Jackson look so much alike that O’Shea was hired to portray his father in the biographical film “Straight Outta Compton” which centers around the early lives of the group of hip-hop artists who formed N.W.A. They have the same focused scowl, don’t they? Next up, you’ve heard her name, but, have you ever seen the fashion designer Donna Karan and her daughter?


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