30 Instances That Define What Happens When Expectations Don’t Meet Reality

Well, cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, there something that everybody has probably encountered, that is, kitchen fails. Yep, we’ve all been through that and though most of us tend to learn from our mistakes, some people never really learn. And they will keep on repeating these horrible yet epic kitchen fails until the end of time!

Bored Panda has collected some funny examples of food expectations vs reality and we just can’t deal with them. These dishes will make you wonder how could anyone ever eat them. Take a look and enjoy… I guess!

1. Making brown sugar pecan bears

GeorgiePBurdell , Maa Tamagosan

2. Rice bear


3. The chocolate hedgehog cake


4. Thank God cats don’t care about cake


5. More like an angry bear

Lee Jackson

6. Nailed it


7. A different version of Spongebob and Patrick


8. Ruining a baked potato


What do you think?

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