The Untouched Crooked Cottage Discovered 9 Years After Being Abandoned By A Lady


What are houses, if not the bearers of life stories? Every item in a house has a history behind and it and gives a peek into the lives of those who once lived there.¬†Toby Batchelor, an urban explorer photographer, chanced upon one such house in rural Hertfordshire which has been nicknamed as the ‘”Crooked Cottage,” and for all the right reasons.

The Crooked Cottage has been weathered out since its owner left the house. The house had remained in oblivion before being discovered by Toby Batchelor.


Tour Of The Crooked Cottage

The Crooked Cottage Batchelor

Among other antiques, Batchelor discovered a calendar dating back to the ’60s. The calendar holds its place in time. Batchelor

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