These 25 Parenting Hacks Are Absolutely Genius. #22 Is The Coolest Thing Ever.


Being a parent is a tough, full-time job. Not only that, but most parents have other full-time jobs so that they can provide for their kids. So, life with children can be stressful. They are blessings that fill our days with smiles, but let’s face it, it can be pretty tough sometimes. That’s why we found these awesome 25 parenting hacks. They should make your life easier (and if not that, at least a little more fun). Bed forts and cardboard slides? Yes please.

1. If you want to take your kid to the beach, but don’t want to risk them eating sand, try this.

Use a fitted sheet and place bags in each corner. You’ll essentially have a playpen that’ll keep the sand out, so that your little beach bum can experience the beauty of the beach without ingesting whatever they happen to find.


Team Johnson

2. Idle hands often lead to mischief, which is why this parenting hack ensures your kid stays busy.

He certainly can’t damage anything if he’s painting the fence with water, and it’ll keep him distracted, which gives you the chance to make yourself some coffee or take a bathroom break, which you so deserve.


3. This dad decided to take his kid to a metal concert and he took care of all safety issues.

Not only did he turn his hair into a safety harness around his kid’s waist, but that perfect reef knot is lit. Also, he gets a best dad of the year award for giving his child earmuffs to protect their hearing from the loud music.



4. When your kids get sick, getting them to take their medicine can be a real hassle unless you trick them.

This parenting hack allows you to fool your child into thinking he’s taking a sip of Pepsi, but what he’s really doing is taking medicine. But it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with a little white lie, as long as you don’t get caught.


5. If you have more than one kid and they get into fights all the time, separate them with this.

As a parent, sometimes you have to break a few barriers, and other times, you have to create them. This genius dad decided to keep his three kids from fighting in the car by separating them with cardboard.

Jake White

6. The only way to teach your kids discipline is to color code it with this nifty parenting hack.

Create a list of each color highlighting different responsibilities. Then color code the clock, so that your child knows what to do when the hand on the clock is on each color. This not only teaches them discipline, but gives them time management skills, which will be so useful as they get older.

7. Do you ever have those moments when your kid won’t go to sleep unless you’re there, but you’re tired?

Reddit user FreddyJackson69 came up with an awesome idea. Fill a glove full of beans and place it on their backs when they’re in their bed. This will make them feel like they’re getting plenty of love, while you’re busy catching some Zs.


8. If you’re sick and tired of your kids eating too much candy, then this should keep them away for life.

Whatever you do, don’t throw that empty bag of soybeans away. Use it to hide all your mini Snickers bars in the fridge or freezer. Trust us, no kid in their right mind would ever go anywhere near a veggie bag, like ever.

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