22 Absolutely Adorable Before And After Photos Of Baby Animals Growing Up.


15. It only took 5 months for this pup to start taking up the whole bed!


16. 12 years later and this duo still takes a great selfie!

17. This adorable dog thinks his house is shrinking. “I swear I used to be able to fit right here…”

18. He loves his kitty–but we bet his mom made him take the first and second picture, 17 years later.

19. Friends that sleep on the floor together, stay together!

Dog Heirs

20. Then and now–this owner still enjoys snuggling with his pup, but due to his dog’s growing size it’s not so comfortable anymore.


21. 3 years later and these puppies turned into dogs remain the best of friends!


22. From half-way grown to full-grown, this pair grew a lot in 4 years!


Credits: earthporm.com

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