22 Absolutely Adorable Before And After Photos Of Baby Animals Growing Up.


8. “And they thought I’d grow out of this–dream on!” 6 months later and this orange kitty still wants to sleep in the sink.


9. Over a span of 10 years this boy and his dog have aged together–and it looks like mom & dad upgraded the book shelf too.


10. Throughout one year this pup continued to grow, never getting too big for his favorite sleeping spot!


11.It looks like these two goofballs switched poses for their after photo taken 21 years later!


12. Giant pet turtles can live way longer than cats and dogs–we can’t wait until the next photo of this pair comes out in 17 years.


13. 7 months later this gorgeous pup decided to open his eyes for his glamour shot.


14. So barking cute!!!


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