These Adorable Photos Prove How Much Queen Elizabeth II Loves Animals


Queen Elizabeth is known for her love of all different types of animals. She has even received some bizarre exotic animals as gifts over the years. Check out these photos and fun facts about Queen Elizabeth loving her animal friends and learn which animals she has received as gifts. Some may surprise you.

The Queen started riding horses at age three and actually received five horses as a gift to commemorate her Coronation in 1953. She also owned racehorses.


Horses are the most normal animals she has received as gifts. Other animals include kangaroos, black swans, an elephant, black jaguars, tortoises, a crocodile, and mini-hippos.

Most of the animals were moved to the ZSL London Zoo so they could receive proper care. We bet The Queen loves to go visit her animal friends at the zoo. She loved the zoo as a child too. Check out this photo of her visiting the penguins with her sister in 1938.


The Queen grew up with animals and loves dogs. Here she is with her beloved dog Dookie in 1936. What a sweet photo!

She still has many dogs to this day. She loves corgis especially and has bred them over the years. How sweet are they posing with The Queen on her birthday a few years ago? She also loves to give them silly names.

Here are the names of her dogs over the years: Monty, Susan, Holly, Emma, Linnet, Noble, Willow, Heather, Candy, Sugar, Foxy, Bushy, Brush, Honey, Whisky, Sherry, Vulcan, Cider, Berry, Flash, Spick, Span, Tiny and Bisto Oxo.

Which one do you love and which names do you think are a bit out there?

What do you think about The Queen’s love of animals? Which animals are your favorites?

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