The 16 Craziest Things You Probably Never Knew About The Super Bowl


13. It’s good to be family—or a friend

According to Jackson, players aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy the Super Bowl perks. “Family and friends enjoy the weekend with hotel stays, luxury vehicle loans, and exclusive events,” says Jackson, “They also have the opportunity to attend practice the day before the game—or at least it was this way with the Indianapolis Colts.”

USA Today

14. Party time

A ticket to the Super Bowl isn’t the only in-demand ticket that week. According to Trinchero, there are multiple high-profile parties all week long, most with corporate sponsors. You can even purchase a general admission ticket to some of the biggest parties, but it won’t come cheap—Trinchero says these can go for more than $2,000!



15. Those crazy-expensive ads

This is another Super Bowl fact you’ve likely heard about before: Those ads are big money. On average, a 30-second Super Bowl spot runs in the millions. The most expensive of all time? A $12.4 million ad by Chrysler in 2011.

16. No ordinary coin will do

Don’t even think of flipping a penny or quarter to start off the Super Bowl. Each game gets it own unique coin crafted by the Highland Mint. The front of the coin features the Lombardi Trophy along with the helmets of the two teams playing. Super fans can purchase a replica coin after the game.



(Source: Readers Digest)

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