Riddle: What Has No Beginning, End, or Middle?


Have some fun today and solve one of our most requested riddles. I feel a connection to this one because at work I often feel like there’s no beginning, middle or end!

Solve the Riddle:

Riddle: What has no beginning, end or middle?
What has no beginning, end, or middle? Try to Answer Our DYR Riddle

Think in a circular way! Wait at least 15 seconds to think very carefully before you scroll down for the answer.


The Answer

Answer: A Doughnut.
‘A Doughnut’. Is The Right Answer

Bonus Round Riddle

Think long and hard before you go further down the page looking to see if you got it right

The Answer

How did you do with our What Has No Beginning, End, Or Middle riddle? Kudos if you answered correctly! Before you go, have you checked out our brand new arcade??? If you have any suggestions for new games please let us know in the comments? We’re always looking for new ones and sometimes our best games actually come from our amazing fans. If we use your game, we’ll make sure to credit you. Thanks for playing!


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