32 Drool-Worthy Comfort Foods From Around The World


9. Creamy Tomato Basil Soup and Grilled Cheese

Melanie Cooks

Why settle for one when you could have both? Plus, calling for just a few basic ingredients, it’s the perfect comforting dish to make on a budget.

Find a recipe for grilled cheese sandwiches and rustic tomato soup here.


10. Cincinnati Chili

Taste of Home

“Spaghetti smothered in chili and topped with a mountain of shredded cheese and hot sauce. It’s called a three-way and it warms the soul.”

Find a recipe for Cincinnati chili here.


11. Fried Chicken and Waffles


The best part about this sweet and savory southern classic is you can make them for breakfast or dinner — and it’s always socially acceptable.

Find a recipe for quick fried chicken and waffles here.

12. Okonomiyaki

Melanie Cooks

Okonomiyaki is Japanese fried cabbage pancakes. The name translates to “how you like it” because you can mix in any of your favorite ingredients, from shrimp and scallions to fried egg and pork belly.

Find a recipe for okonomiyaki here.

13. Cassoulet

Food & Wine

Cassoulet gets its name from the round pot in which it’s traditionally cooked in Languedoc and the south of France. It’s typically made with meat like duck confit, pork or lamb, white beans, and pork skin, all slow-cooked until super tender.

Find a recipe for classic cassoulet here.


14. Pastina with Egg and Cheese


“It’s so easy and delicious. I boil pastina (little star pasta) and once the pasta is al dente, I crack an egg into the pot. I stir the egg until incorporated then add some Parmesan cheese and a squeeze of lemon juice.”

Find a recipe for pastina and eggs here.

15. Matzo Ball Soup


Go to any Jewish household for the holidays and you’ll find matzo ball soup on the table. Everyone has a slightly different variation of this traditional Eastern European soup that’s been passed down by generations.

Find a recipe for matzo ball soup here.

16. Aligot (Cheesy Potatoes)

The Kitchn

Sort of like fondue, this French dish is basically mashed potatoes blended with cheese, butter, and cream.

Find a recipe for cheesy whipped potatoes here.

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