These 20 Photos Of Fans And Celebrities Together Are Unbelievably Awkward


Everyone imagines what it would be like to meet an A-list celebrity. We think we would so chilled and cool that the celeb will ask us to hang out with them at the after party for sure – right? However, in reality, there are no chill moments when it comes to meeting some of the biggest names in show business and naturally, just one sight of our idols sends us into meltdown.

Stars are often kind enough to greet fans at promo events, say hello when gracing the red carpet (as long as it’s guaranteed the crowds are forced back behind a barrier) or even charge several hundred dollars for a photo opportunity backstage at one of their gigs. For all these precious moments they allow us – we are forever grateful.


Then there are days when they are caught off-guard, spotted in the street or at the airport and an impromptu photo opportunity takes place. It’s often these moments that allow us the funniest results of all. Here are the most awkward moments between celebrities and their fans.

1. When these children met their idol.

2. When Tom Hanks questioned his life choices.

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3. This heartwarming moment between Hugh Grant and a shop assistant.

Hollywood reporter

4. This beautiful display of idol and fan closeness.

5. This girl’s emotional blackmail.

6. When Kanye West was like, ‘REALLY CBA’.

7. When Lady Gaga’s hand said, ‘Roar,’ but her face said, ‘Meh’.

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