Exercise Your Mind: 7 Puzzles And Brainteasers To Give Your Mind A Workout


I know how much you all love to challenge yourselves and to get your brains working and ticking over!

Well, see how some of these riddles puzzles and problems tickle those little grey cells, as Sherlock Holmes likes to call them.


I guarantee that one or two will even have the cleverest of you scratching your head!

But that’s what you like, right? If these things were too easy, they would be no kind of challenge at all!


So keep on reading to see what kind of devilish riddles I have in store for you… mwahahahaaa!


1. Three Doors

Say you’re forced to choose between three doors; you must enter one of them. The first leads to a room full of fire, the second is full of assassins, and the third door leads to a room full of lions that haven’t eaten in three years. Which room should he choose?



The answer is the room with the lions. Did you pick the right one?


Why? Well, if the lions hadn’t eaten in three years, it’s safe to say that they would be long dead!

2. Alternate Full Glasses


If you had 6 glasses in a row and the first 3 were full, then the rest were empty, how could you make it so that the glasses alternate between empty and full… by only touching one glass?


Did you figure out the solution?

All you have to do is pick up the second full glass in the row and pour it into the second last empty glass and then replace it. The glasses will now alternate full, empty, full, empty, and so on!


3. Three Sticks

If you had three sticks, how could you turn them into four without breaking any of them? Impossible, right?


Well if you thought about it long enough, or maybe even bust out the sticks yourself, you’d see that the answer is simple.

All you have to do is arrange the sticks so that they are in the shape of the number 4!


I’m sorry, is that cheating? Well, life ain’t fair.

4. Psychic Math Problem

Here’s a totally mathy brainteaser for you to get that mind working! See if you can follow without using a calculator!


First, think of any number less than 100. Multiply it by 2 and then add 12 to the result.

Still with me? Now divide this number by 2.

Now subtract the first number you thought of.

The answer is 6!

What do you think?

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