20 Clever Ways You Should Have Been Storing Your Food All Along


Keep it fresh all night, keep it fresh all day.

1. Prevent brown sugar clumps by tossing a marshmallow or two in the container.

James Ransom / Food52

You’ll never have to toss a hardened rock of brown sugar again, and you won’t have to spend money on a special brown-sugar-keeper disc.


2. Get rid of any mold spores lurking on your berries or greens by rinsing them well in vinegar water before putting them in your fridge.


This actually works — it’s something I do when I know it will be a while before I’ll get to eat all my fruit.

3. After you’re done washing your produce, put it in a plastic bag or glass container with a folded-over paper towel inside.


The towel will soak up any extra water or condensation that may occur after washing, and help keep the veggies fresh.


4. Wrap onions individually in (clean, unworn) pantyhose, then store them in a cool, dry place.


To get an onion when you need one, you simply nip open the knot at the bottom of the hose and slip the onion out. They can keep for months at a time this way!

5. Cut half an inch off the bottom of your asparagus, then store it in water in the fridge.

Also, cover the tops with plastic (the plastic produce bag from the grocery store works).

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