15 Clever Ways To Use Shampoo Other Than In Your Hair


Most of us use shampoo on a daily basis to make sure our hair is clean, but the uses for shampoo go far beyond the bathroom.

There are lots of ways shampoo can be used in and around your to home. Here are a few ways to use shampoo other than your hair, and I am sure to try to get rid of this stuff.


1. Remove a Bandaid

Place a few drops of shampoo on the sticky part of your band-aid and let it sit soak through before you pull it off to painlessly remove a band-aid.


2. Body Wash Substitute

If you’re all out of body wash and you need an alternative, try some shampoo if you’re in a pinch.



3. Stuck Zipper

Rub some shampoo on a zipper that is stuck to lubricate the teeth and get your zipper to move.


4. Remove Paint From Clothes

Pour some shampoo over a paint stain and scrub the paint out before you throw it in the wash. This should remove the paint stain.


5. Lubricate a Squeaky Hinge

If you have a squeaky or sticky door hinge you can rub some shampoo on it to stop it from squeaking and get it to move easier.


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