After 30 Years, Bride-To-Be Chops Off Her Hip-Length Hair and Transforms Completely

Now, with the hair cut down to her shoulders, colorist Sara Pestella remarked that the two-toned brown and blonde color to her hair just wasn’t doing Holly a justice.


After an arduous session, lasting almost 7 hours, Holly came out with a layers of blonde to her hair and beautiful make-up. Sarah’s four-step process was definitely long, but also worth the wait.


With the new hairdo and matching make up, Holly was completely transformed. She was finally ready for the bid day. 

DailymailIt must have taken Holly immense courage to do away with long hair that she cherished for almost 30 years. Of course, she looked beautiful in both, her before and after images. It was just a different kind of beautiful.

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Credits: QatarDay

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