21 People Who Accidentally Found Their Doppelgängers In Museums And Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes


When you go to a classic art gallery, you expect to see unfamiliar times with unfamiliar people who lived then, right? Well, that’s not necessarily the case, as these art lovers found out when they’ve stumbled upon their identical doppelgängers lurking in the frames!

Either thanks to a time machine still under wraps somewhere or a sheer accident, these selfies reveal some uncanny similarities between the two subjects, that will leave you guessing, what’s REALLY going on here.

Have you ever had the pleasure to meet your doppelgänger? Tell your stories in the comments below!


1. Well Now, That’s Quite A Resemblance!


2. On Our Trip To Paris, My Friend Found Is Doppelganger In The Louvre. Hilarity Ensued


3. The Painting And I Were Matching


4. We Found Our Baby’s Doppelganger At The Gallery


5. Visited Paris This Weekend. Just When I Was About To Take A Picture Of The Mona Lisa Something Better Caught My Eye


6. “I’m Henry The 8th I Am”


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