15 Tattooed Seniors Answer The Question: “What Will It Look Like In 40 Years?”


Art hardly gets closer to you than tattoos – after all, those are works of art embedded in your skin. And for all the naysayers that talk about tattoos and old age, we present these bada$$ seniors proudly rocking their ink. The folk that comprises this list are all proud of the marks their skin bears. And for the tattoos themselves, well, do they look like they have been damaged by time? Nope! They’re still colorful and vibrant and well done, to boot.

1. Sleeves That Never Come Off

Some say that tattoos’ beauty fade with time. That nothing looks worse than some ink on wrinkled skin. You can look professional with tattoos – it all depends on how you present yourself. And even as the body ages, tattoos channel the spirit of rebellion and youthful vigor. After all, these folks have lived, and their tattoos have a story to tell.



2. It Can be Scary to Think What Happens to Tattoos When You Grow Old

Tattoos usually come with a standard array of questions form those non-inked people. They may ask you why you have that and how it felt when you had the tattoo for the first time. One of those frequently asked questions is, “What will you do about your tattoos when you get old?” Skin sags with time, which makes tattoos look blurred. But here you can see it’s still as rockin’ as ever.


3. You’ll Always Look so Effortlessly Awesome

A great example of how far you can go with tattoos and they keep looking great if you pick them smartly. It may not be how you’d imagine your granny to be, but you can definitely set an example when you grow old by looking like this badass senior!



4. They May Get Saggy

Try to maintain a good body shape. Weight loss and gain both have the obvious effect on the appearance of your tattoos. Exercise regularly and stick to a healthy diet. Just take steps to maintain good overall health because this will slow down the aging effects.


5. And this neck?

Her neck piece brings all the boys to the yard.


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