This Camper’s Interior Remains Untouched Since 1953 And It Is Totally Awesome!


The good ol’ days! What would I not give to revisit just one of those? Well, although you cannot practically go back in time, you can, sure enough, have a virtual setting that will take you back to the 50s. This half-century-old vagabond camper is just the right home on wheels for those who wish to have all the comforts of traveling in a time capsule.

Do not let the mellow lemon exterior fool you into believing that the interiors might have given in to time. Whoever built this lemon yellow camper certainly kept the long-term vitality of it in mind.


1953 Camper – 1953 Vagabond Camper

This camper is almost fifty years old and is yet more than fit to be traveled and lived in!

1953 Vagabond Camper – 1953 Vagabond Camper

The refrigerator door is just the first sneak peek into how all the appliances in this RV were built to be durable back then.


The kitchen could probably be slightly bigger than some apartment kitchens. This temporary, movable home has all the equipment one might want in a kitchen. The big windows would make for a perfect view while you’re on one of those baking sprees.

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