10 Reasons Why You Should Save Bacon Grease


Making the best out of waste is a tradition that the new generation is slowly leaving behind. Instead of just trashing something not needed, it is always better to reassess its capabilities to be converted into something useful around the house. This is especially true when it comes to bacon grease. It is not just an amazing side to have with your daily breakfast, but a pretty useful tool to use around the house for various different purposes. Read on to learn some of the best possible bacon grease uses. 

1. Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

If you want your cast iron skillet to remain rust free forever, you can rub it with a tablespoon of bacon grease after making sure it is heated in the oven for about ten-fifteen minutes. Heat the oven at 300 degrees.


2. Flavor Your Eggs

Heat up the grease that remains in the pan after cooking your bacon strips. Heat it on a medium flame and once it’s hot enough, fry the eggs in it. That should lend a tasty flavor to your already delicious bacon-egg combination.


3. Salad Dressing

Use the warmed up bacon grease with red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard to create an amazing salad dressing.


4. Flavor Up Your French Toast

Thought you couldn’t do anything to possibly better your french toast? Well, not really. Use bacon grease to add an umami touch to your toast.


5. Make Candles

Use bacon grease to lighten up your home with candles. Heat the grease, coconut oil and beeswax in equal quantities in a double boiler. Once the temperature reads 140 degrees, filter through a cheesecloth and then ultimately into a jar with a wick.


6. Add a Smoky Flavor to Cornbread Pans

Do away with butter and use the extra grease to add a wonderful smoky taste to the bread.



7. Lit a Fire

Recycle the newspapers and instead, use the paper towel you soak up bacon grease in to start a fire.



8. Polish the Leather

Let the strained grease cool away and then dip a cloth into it and dab it on leather shoes and belts. They should shine all right!



9. No More Stubborn Stickers

Those stickers and labels that just won’t come off are really annoying. Next time you face one, just apply a cooled strained grease on it and the stickiness should go away. Over the grease that’s left behind, just put on a regular cleaner.


10. Welcome More Birds

You want as many birds to come visit your garden as you can. Because they are a sure shot way to keep the pest away. Take a pine cone and spread strained grease on it. Roll the cone onto bird seeds and they’ll settle down on it. Put that into a bird feeder and welcome more birds to your humble aboard.


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