Seniors Dance ‘The Shag’ And Surprise Everybody On The Dance Floor


A dance form called the Shag is a South Carolinian regional. All the residents of South Carolina are very much acquainted with this dance, as they have seen, learned, and preformed it for years. Two Shag champions, Jackie McGee and her husband, Charlie Womble talk about what this dance form entails.

In response to the question, “What makes Shag different from any other dance form?” Charlie said, “It’s how you move. In the shag, we go up and back in accordion fashion. We use one hand. The guy is more active.”


What makes this couple special is that they are undoubtedly the best Shaggers in town. This is evidenced by the numerous competitions they have won over a span of 12 years. In fact, their reputation as the best Shaggers earned them a place in the Shaggers Hall of Fame.

The state dance is well and alive today. Actually, more than that. It is rising in its prevalence. The younger generation shags with a renewed interest as organizations are being raised specifically to help younger people learn this dance. Today, about 2000 juniors are shagging away!


Source: The San Francisco Globe

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