Couples Fill Up The Dance Floor But These Tiny Dancers Step On Floor And Completely Steal The Show

A perfect dance routine is derived from deep within. You have to feel every note, beat, and rhythm. This will enable you to synchronize your body movement perfectly in relation to the music. Actually, there are some people who have to practice day and night to perfect their movements while others are born as dancers. And the latter is similar to Daniela and Yasha’s Case.

Adorable little ones: Daniela Avanzini and Yasha Jeltuhin are undoubtedly performers. Apparently, they know how to entertain the guests. Despite their tender age, their humor and confidence is a character to envy.



Ostensibly, they wowed the audience at the Atlanta opens. Actually, the 4 and 5-year-old kids were enrolled as prim ballerinas amongst others professional dancers. Surprisingly, they did not choose any other dance, other than the complicated Cha-Cha routine.

Well, did you know that the Cha-Cha dance routine was introduced by a Cuban Violinist Enrique Jorrin? While the name of the dance was derived from the sound of the shuffling feet back in the 1950’s. Actually, it is a popular dance majorly performed in ballrooms. The energy that each of the competitors’ release makes the dance routine enticing to the eyes. Actually, if you love salsa, then this dance will surely blow off your mind.

In fact, the dance routines may be different, but it always remains a favorite dance amongst many folks. Therefore, when the duo proudly walks into the stage, everyone is eager to see their performance.


It is clear that most people were in doubt of their capabilities since they looked young. But, when they start dancing all the jaws drop in awe. Neither can their minds understand the mystery nor do their eyes believe.


Probably, they assume it is some robotic dolls doing the routine. But, that is not the case. Apparently, the two pint-sized dancers know how to connect with each other, and their dance is flawless, crisp and perfect.


Notably, they have been in the field for a few years, but the kind of work they display is exemplary. One could mistake them for professionals who have been in the trade for many years. But, they have been practicing this routine for only 3 years.


Actually, they spin, twist and duck in perfect unison. And their performance is simply outstanding, comparing their age and experience. Apparently, it is not a wonder that the crowd fell in love with Daniela and Yasha’s performance.


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