The 30 Best Talking Animals In Film


11. Ape in George Of The Jungle

The Real Animal: A gorilla, which has around 95% of the same DNA as humans. Which explains why they’re alternately so tetchy/horny/hungry the whole time.

The Movie Animal: Droll, sarcastic, and not averse to wearing a pinny, Ape is the ultimate sidekick. He’s also voiced by John Cleese, which is nice for us adults.


Best Quote: “I aced it all and I stood tall and did it my way…”

12. Mr. Tinkles in Cats & Dogs

The Real Animal: A domestic cat the likes of which you’ve seen coughing up furballs in houses all over the country.


The Movie Animal: Mr. Tinkles is the kind of villain you’d find in a Bond movie – fitting, considering a cat was the pet of choice for one such spy-killing villain. With his arch attitude and dastardly plots, Mr. Tinkles is an awesome movie menace.

Best Quote: “Evil does not wear a bonnet!”

13. Howard The Duck

The Real Animal: Um, a duck. Has a bill instead of a mouth. And webbed feet.

The Movie Animal: Howard’s an alien, which instantly makes him awesome. His film’s a not-entirely-successful cult curio, but Howard himself is a wise-cracking flapper that we can’t help loving.

Best Quote: “That’s it, no more Mr. Nice Duck.”

14. Mickey Mouse

TV Guide

The Real Animal: Another mouse, though we’ve never seen one that looks quite like this.


The Movie Animal: Probably the most recognizable talking animal on this list, and the logo for Walt Disney Pictures. Mickey’s starred in over 180 long and short films, making him the most prolific Disney character ever.

Best Quote: “She likes my body and my mind. In the same place, that is.” (in short Runaway Brain)

15. Blood in A Boy And His Dog

The Real Animal: Y’know, man’s best friend, enjoys going for walks, chasing squirrels and howling at the moon.

The Movie Animal: Blood sounds like a scholarly intellectual… except he’s a dog. Which means as well as being a telepath, he’s on a constant hunt for food – and in particular popcorn.

Best Quote: “I’d certainly say she had marvelous judgment, Albert, if not particularly good taste.”

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