When A Man Finds A Lost Video Of His Parent’s 1953 Wedding, He Decides To Give Them Back A Special Memory

Most married couples have at least one memory together that they’ll never forget. It could be the first time they met, or perhaps an amazing trip they took together. Either way, it’s sealed in the vaults of their minds forever.

After decades of marriage, there was one thing Joel Smith’s parents never stopped talking about: the 1948 Plymouth convertible they used to own. So, for their 60th anniversary, Joel decided there was something very special that he could do for them.


See what Joel did for his parents—and their priceless and heartfelt reaction…

Just Married, Just Chillin


Ever heard of Joel Smith? Very likely his parents Joe and Beverly did. That’s them in the picture. They were married way back when cars had character, and got about three miles to the gallon. It was a simpler time, it was a less colorful time. This here’s a story about the Smiths (that’s their real name, not a pseudonym) and a 1948 Plymouth convertible — a car and a year that kids nowadays hardly know anything about.

Wedded, Bedded, and Ridden


In honor of their nuptials, the Smith elders drained their savings and bought themselves a 1948 Plymouth convertible, which in 1948 was brand new, and which in 1947, like Joseph Smith, wasn’t even a glint in its manufacturer’s eyes. As Joseph recalls, his parents talked about that car all the time — probably because it cost them all their damn savings.

The Real McCoy


So, this is how the people of 1948 would have seen a ’48 Plymouth if they knew where to look. Isn’t she a beauty? Again, like 10 miles to the gallon. Really inefficient. But big back seat, so you can only imagine….

This Is The Army, Mr. Smith


Then, out of NOWHERE, there was a Korean War. In 1950. There might be one coming up, but that’s not the one Joseph Smith will be drafted in. He was drafted in the first one. They were taken by complete surprise, as they thought the North Koreans would have made an accidental left turn into the Sea of Japan instead of invading South Korea, avoiding conflict. No such luck.

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