Beatlemania Treasure: The Infamous “Butcher” Cover Album

The story behind the legendary Beatles album cover.


The “Third State” album had a Butcher cover at one time, which was re-covered with the Trunk cover, but was removed to show the original Butcher cover underneath. Its better to leave the LP in it’s unpeeled condition unless professionally removed by experts. These versions are worth around $1,500 if left untouched. If professionally unpeeled, but if its decided to have the top slick professionally removed (cost around $500), and in VG+ condition, the album can sell for over $3,000.

Labels are also important. Even if find this album with the Trunk cover, and its proven to not be a recovered issue, you may have a collectible 1966 PROMO version of the LP; or a collectible-1966 black label featuring a rainbow symbol with a ST-2553 catalog code. These records can sell for a couple of hundred dollars (VG+ condition). Don’t forget the condition to the vinyl record itself, is just as important when identifying its value.


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