$1,700,000.00 Penny! We’ll Show You How To Check If You Have One

US Mint Makes Big Error & Coins Worth Even Bigger Money

Pennies are widely considered to be some of the most useless coins available and for most of us, they are often discarded without so much as a second thought. When you are out shopping for the items that you need, a penny simply isn’t going to buy you all that much, so these coins are typically an afterthought. Press Play Below For Full Story

But did you know that there are certain pennies that are far more valuable than others? A good old fashioned copper penny that you can find on the ground outside just might be worth a great deal of money, as certain specific pennies are very highly sought after.


In much the same way that quarters from specific years in the 1970s are worth money to would be collectors, there are a wide range of specific pennies that are worth a small fortune (no pun intended). If you are looking to cash in, be on the lookout for copper pennies with a 1943 stamp.

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