‘Charlie’s Angels’ Veteran Jaclyn Smith, 71, Flaunts Ageless Appearance

Jaclyn Smith looks youthful during date night with husband


Jacklyn played Kelly Garrett in “Charlie’s Angels,” which aired from 1976 to 1981. She starred alongside Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson. After the show ended, the Smith appeared on a number of TV films and shows over the next 20 years. Most recently, she was in the TV film “Bridal Wave.”

Smith also entered the fashion industry in 1985 with her women’s apparel collection for major retailer Kmart. Since then, she’s expanded her empire with a collection of home furnishings.



Jaclyn has been married four times, with her first marriage being with actor Roger Davis in 1968. She has been married to surgeon Brad Allen since 1997.

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