Reasons Why We Loved Our Grandparents So Much

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It was always great going to see grandma and grandpa. Whether it be a weekend trip or just for the day. No matter what, visiting our grandparents was always such an astonishing experience. These two would support us no matter what. They gave us that feeling of safety that we always had a place to go when we didn’t want to be under our parents’ roof. There was always that welcoming feeling as soon as we entered the house. It was always a blast to walk into grandma’s house and have the smell of cookies baking in the oven wrap its scent around us like an old friend. Besides their caring personalities, here are some reasons why we love our grandparents.

They were our best friends in the world.


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Grandma and grandpa loved us unconditionally, and even more so than our own parents (maybe because they didn’t have to deal with the consequences of every single mistake we made) did. To them, every school project we ever did, every drawing we made, every book we were reading, everything we brought to show them when we visited was the most spectacular they had seen since the last time we had visited. Grandma and grandpa were seriously equivalent to cheerleaders for us. Talk about self-esteem boosts!

They had no boundaries at all.


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At their age, our grandparents could do and say whatever they wanted. No matter how ridiculous their actions may have appeared, they didn’t care about the repercussions.  My grandfather deliberately flirted with any random woman walking by on the street and he always seemed to get a satisfiable reaction like a smile or a cute “Thank you.” If I tried that at my young age, I’d probably get smacked. When it comes to what our grandparents decided to do, no hoots were given about the consequences at all. In their case, the consequence probably wouldn’t be that harsh.

They had the concept of relationships figured out.

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They had lived together for so long, and they always somehow found ways to show affection to each other in the cutest ways. They still played pranks on each other. My grandpa used to have a joke: “We hold each other’s hands all the time! Yeah, just so we don’t hit each other!” or the famous “How many fights do you think we’ve been in, in all the sixty-five years we’ve been together? One! And it’s still going on!” That being said, two things we definitely know for sure are that love and a good sense of humor don’t disappear with age!

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