Kelly Ripa Reacts To Mark Consuelos Saying He Shared “Passionate” Kiss With Woman


Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have long established themselves as a high-profile power couple of entertainment. Things recently experienced quite the shakeup, however, when Consuelos revealed to Ripa that he shared a passionate, messy kiss with another woman one spring weekend, albeit with a twist.

Consuelo and Ripa met on television and the cycle went right around to see them together on the small screen once again. After connecting on All My Children and tying the knot, the husband and wife duo co-host Live! With Kelly and Mark after her former co-host, Ryan Seacrest, left. A recent episode gave a glimpse into a brief courtship Consuelos had with a stranger, though with a very significant caveat.


Mark Consuelos told Kelly Ripa he shared a “passionate” kiss during the heat of victory

Kelly Ripa had a strong reaction when Mark Consuelos told her he kissed another woman in Italy / YouTube screenshot

Soccer, or football across the globe, is in full swing. Over the weekend, Consuelos watched Campobasso 1919, an Italian soccer team that made it to the fourth tier and secured further victory in their most recent championship game.


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Consuelos is a co-owner of the team and was nothing short of thrilled when they triumphed.

“In the adulation, in the celebration, on the field, when we found out that the other team tied and we are champions,” recalled Consuelos, “we ran over to our fans. I’m running … and I see this lady, let’s call her my aunt — maybe someone else’s aunt — and we look at each other.”

He went on to recall, “We’re so excited and there’s this [plexi]glass and we come to the glass, and you know what? I kissed her.”

Kelly Ripa reacts to the kiss Consuelos shared with this mysterious woman

Consuelos recalled getting caught up in the excitement of victory / YouTube screenshot

The presence of plexiglass was an important detail that changed everything about the kiss between Consuelos and this soccer stranger, but Ripa was still quite intent on hearing all the details.

“Do we have footage of this?” Ripa immediately wanted to know. “We don’t have footage of it?” There apparently was none, but that’s when Consuelos came in to give a thorough narration and paint a word picture instead. For instance, he “actually closed” his eyes, it was that kind of smooch.

The couple met through television and are now hosting as husband and wife / Eric Liebowitz / © Touchstone Television / Courtesy Everett Collection

Ripa retorted, “That doesn’t happen, you never close your eyes.”

Not to be deterred, Consuelos went on, “I laid one on her. It was a smooch, but it was passionate.”

Ripa and Consuelos have been co-investors in the Italian soccer club since 2022.

One piece of plexiglass kept anything from getting too passionate / AdMedia

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