Drew Barrymore Reacts To Her Debut On ‘The Tonight Show’ At 7 Years Old


Drew Barrymore got a dose of nostalgia as she went down memory lane during a recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. Her first time on the show as a 7-year-old was displayed for all to see, and the clip showed her screaming on request at the then-show host, Johnny Carson.

Drew was shocked when Jimmy revealed that he had her video from 1982, and the episode continued with an emotional reaction from her. “You know what’s so wild when I look at that? My legs aren’t touching the ground. We’re all growing up together. I’m 49 years old, and I’m just growing up like everyone else. And now my legs have touched the earth!” she said with a smile.


Throwback to little Drew Barrymore on Johnny Carson’s ‘The Tonight Show’

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In the throwback video, a very confident Drew, who had just worked with Steven Spielberg on his hit blockbuster movie, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, shrieked after Johnny asked her to. Her screech impressed Johnny and asked if she had “always been able to do that.”


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At the time, Drew was gaining fame as a child actress; however, she had it tough behind the scenes due to family instability and abuse. She grew up neglected by her parents, John Drew and Jaid, who sent her to a psychiatric home for nearly two years at 13. She recalled her early years being “probably the lowest” and “a really rebellious” period that negatively impacted her in adulthood.

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In retrospect, Drew is grateful for her time in the mental institution, which she says gave her “an amazing discipline.” She described the horrible yet helpful experience as a “severe shift,” which was “humbling” and “quieting” as well. At 14, Drew was on her way to independence after moving to West Hollywood, California, to start her career over.

She recently revealed that her breakout role in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial translated into real life because she considered E.T. her imaginary friend. She clarified that she knew he “wasn’t real,” but she simply believed in him as a coping mechanism for her challenging upbringing.

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