Foods To Avoid Buying At Costco Unless You Have A Large Family


Costco is a great way to stock up on bulk items and save money. However, there are some food items that you should avoid if you live alone or with only a few people. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to buy items in bulk that will go bad quickly. Then, you’re just wasting food and money!

Even though you may want to stock up on everything in one trip, you should probably just buy certain things from a regular grocery store. Learn which bulk items you should avoid unless you have a very large family to feed!


Avocados and other produce items

Avocados / Flickr

While a bag of avocados can be a great deal at Costco, it can be a gamble. Avocados go bad very quickly. Unless you eat several per day or are making guacamole for a party, you should just avoid that big bag of avocados on your next trip. The same idea goes for all produce at Costco. It will likely go bad before you eat it all.

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Unless you are a chef, buying spices in bulk isn’t a great idea. They don’t really go bad, but they do go stale and won’t have the same flavor. Many spices go stale in about six months to a year. In addition, most recipes only require a small amount of spice. You probably don’t need that huge jar.

Flour, baking soda, oil, and other baking ingredients

flour in a bowl
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Again, unless you are an avid baker, you probably don’t need bulk flour. While flour, baking soda, and other items take a while to go bad, the time is shorter than you think. Some of these items attract moisture and can spoil in about a year. If you don’t bake that much, you probably won’t use the entire package in a year.


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