Before He Died, Jimmy Buffett Swore Off His Signature Cocktail


In 1977, “Margaritaville” became an anthem for the good, easy, laidback life, the feeling of lazing about on the beach turned into music. But during quarantine back in 2020, Jimmy Buffett talked about his then-fresh album and how he gave up his signature cocktail years ago. Many know Jimmy for heading to Margaritaville, but as of 2018, Buffett did not drink margaritas anymore. Instead, he favored tequila on the rocks, and only on the weekends. This was a lifestyle change Jimmy maintained until the end of his life on September 1, 2023.

Jimmy said, “Margaritas have gotten very sweet. I like real lime juice; I don’t like a lot of sugar. The other day I was watching Queer Eye and they were doing a makeover, and the guy had what he called a Redneck Margarita, which was just bad tequila and Mountain Dew. And I went, ‘That’s way too far, I’d never do that.’ But good tequila and a lime, yes.”


Jimmy Buffett released a new album and confirmed that he stopped drinking margaritas

Jimmy Buffett / Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

For those who craved good music quarantine, Jimmy had them covered. His album Life on the Flip Side released on May 29 and represented his first album since 2013! Reportedly, the album is very reminiscent of his early ’70s music and remains very fun to listen to today. Perfect for summertime!


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During that time of album excitement, Jimmy talked about one of his favorite songs on the album called “Live Like It’s Your Last Day.” It was inspired by some of his near-death experiences, including a plane crash in 1994. The 73-year-old said, “I’ve had a couple close calls and I’m still here, so I think I’ve been living like it could be my last day for a long time. I would just write out of personal experience, and all of a sudden, along comes a pandemic and a lot of other people can (relate). But that’s what songs are for, and I think that’ll happen with some of these songs.”

Sadly, Buffett passed this year at the age of 76, from complications related to Merkel-cell carcinoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer. He had been diagnosed four years prior and entered hospice care this August. He reportedly had been surrounded by family, friends, dogs, and music when he passed, so although he had given up margaritas years ago, he died fully immersed in the spirit of what he loved most. That still left a legion of fans and the entire music industry grieving, as countless artists named Buffett as a huge inspiration behind their work, including Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, and Garth Brooks.

Buffett brought millions with him to bask in Margarittaville / JR

However, Buffett himself would say, “In the middle of dealing with tragedy, you have to have a little bit of fun and that’s really apparent in the people who are loyal fans of ours.”

Jimmy’s 2020 tour was ultimately postponed but he decided to still release the album, wanting to be able to lift people’s spirits with new music. Whether you grab a sugary margarita or tequila on the rocks, you’ll probably enjoy his album if you’re a fan.

Listen to one of the album’s songs below:

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