‘Back To The Future’ Cast Reunites Virtually On Zoom

Back to the Future virtual reunion with Josh Gad
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Actor Josh Gad is making a lot of reunion dreams come true recently! He has a YouTube series called Reunited Apart and is helping the cast members of films have reunions. A while ago, he held a reunion for the cast of The Goonies. Now, he had one for the cast of Back to the Future.

Back to the Future celebrates the 35th anniversary of the first movie. The reunion also raised money for Project Hope. Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly), Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Emmett Brown), Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines-McFly), Mary Steenburgen (Clara Clayton) and Elisabeth Shue (Jennifer Parker) came together for the virtual reunion. In addition, director/co-writer Robert Zemeckis, producer/co-writer Bob Gale, singer Huey Lewi, composer Alan Silvestri, and J.J. Abrams stopped by!


The cast of ‘Back to the Future’ had a virtual reunion

During the virtual reunion, they recited some of their favorite lines from the movies and shared some fun trivia. There was also a fun mashup of fans performing or dancing to the song “The Power of Love,” which was the movie’s anthem.


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back to the future movie
‘Back to the Future’ / Amblin Entertainment

Some fans hold out hope that a fourth movie might be made, but reports say that it is just not going to happen. Would you like to see another movie or do you just cherish the trilogy as is?

It was definitely a fun reunion for fans of the trilogy! If you’re ready to re-watch the movies, they are all currently available on Netflix. Watch the cast reunion below:

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