Costco Is Limiting Meat Purchases Amid Shortage In The U.S.

Costco limiting meat to customers due to shortage

Costco is one of the retailers that is putting limits on fresh meat purchases. Right now, many processing plants have slowed or stopped production due to the coronavirus outbreak. This has led to meat shortages around the country. Many grocery stores are not able to get as much meat delivered right now. So, they are enforcing limits so everyone can get their fair share.

Costco is limiting customers to purchase three items of beef, pork, and chicken products at one time. They say it is to “help ensure more members are able to purchase merchandise they want and need.” Kroger has announced a similar limit as well.


Costco is limiting how much meat that customers can purchase right now

costco meat limit sign
Costco meat limit sign / Facebook

Reportedly, “the closures have resulted in a 25% reduction in pork slaughter capacity and 10% reduction in beef slaughter capacity.” Many plants are expecting even more closures, so likely this meat shortage isn’t going to get better anytime soon.

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Costco / Wikimedia Commons

As of now, Costco has also adjusted hours, required customers to wear face masks while shopping, added senior hours, and more during the coronavirus pandemic. What’s your take on the meat shortage? Now might be the time to start making more vegetarian recipes!

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