People Buy Stamps To Try To Stop US Postal Service From Going Bankrupt

Americans are trying to save the USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is just another business suffering due to the coronavirus outbreak. The USPS needs funding from Congress, but it has reportedly been blocked by the President for now. Americans are hoping to work together to bail out the much-needed mail service.

The Postmaster General Megan Brennan released a statement that said, “We now estimate that the COVID-19 pandemic will increase the Postal Service’s net operating loss by more than $22 billion dollars over the next eighteen months, and by over $54 billion dollars over the longer term, threatening our ability to operate.”


Americans are coming together to save the US Postal Service

postal worker and kid
A postal worker / Twitter

After the news came out, many started tweeting #SaveUSPS. In addition to sharing how they were buying stamps, many Americans shared heartwarming stories about their longtime mail carriers. One Twitter user said, “My mom was a single woman w/3 kids who struggled to make ends meet. For decades she delivered mail for the #USPostalService in the scorching heat, the pouring rain, with a bag way too heavy, she even delivered mail in our neighborhood bc she couldn’t afford daycare. #saveusps”

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united states postal service truck
USPS truck / Wikimedia Commons

Postal workers also shared some stories about why the USPS is essential and should be saved. One worker said, “#USPostalService 26 years of service & just helped coordinate delivery of 25,000 Chrome Books for public school students K-12 to maintain education while schools remained closed for #COVID19 We are essential & over 225 years the lifeline in rural communities.”

usps mailboxes
USPS mailboxes / Wikimedia Commons

Another said, “I know whose lawns to not cut across, whose dogs want to bite, and whose want to play. I know whose day will be made brighter with a short convo, and who wants me to go away. I know who is bad at checking the mail, and who to call for a wellness check on if it starts to pile up.”


american flag forever stamp
Stamp / USPS

Many are buying stamps and other items from the USPS website

Others are simply stocking up on stamps to try to help out the USPS. They are even sharing some of their favorite stamps to purchase with links. Some people are even asking for pen pals after they stocked up on stamps. How great would it be to see pen pals become a tradition again?

Another user commented, “I just bought a book of Marvin Gaye stamps on because, among other things, I want to be able to vote by mail. Let’s all buy stamps today and save the Post Office. #SaveUSPS #buystamps”

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