Loretta Lynn Just Posted A Hilarious Response To The Dolly Parton Challenge

Loretta Lynn joins in on Dolly Parton viral challenge

Many celebrities are participating in Dolly Parton‘s viral photo challenge, but we think Loretta Lynn just won. The #DollyPartonChallenge consists of people adding different photos of themselves that correspond to different types of social media.

For instance, Dolly shared a photo of herself from the movie 9 to 5 as her Linkedin photo, a more recent photo of her in an ugly Christmas sweater for Facebook, a throwback photo for Instagram, and her Playboy bunny costume for Tinder (a dating website).


Loretta Lynn participated in Dolly Parton’s viral photo challenge

loretta lynn dolly parton challenge photos
Loretta Lynn / Instagram

The singer decided to join in on the fun… well, for the most part. She shared a photo which included all recent photos of herself for the different categories, except for the Tinder part. She did not include a “Tinder photo,” but wrote, “Y’ALL WISH!”

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dolly parton challenge
Dolly Parton / Instagram

Loretta captioned the photo challenge, “After my family told me about Dolly’s challenge, I figured I had to join in….mostly! #dollypartonchallenge #lorettadonttinder #lovemetinderhasawholenewmeaningnow #loretta #honkytonkgirl #rated-x”

She even included some funny hashtags… including “Love me Tinder has a whole new meaning now,” and “Loretta don’t Tinder.” She sure has a sense of humor and we love it! In conclusion, take a listen to some of Loretta’s greatest hits:

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