Frank Sinatra’s Gold-Seated Toilets Are Now Up For Auction

Frank Sinatra's Gold-Seated Toilets Are Now Up For Auction
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  • Frank Sinatra’s toilets with gold lids are up for auction.
  • In addition, several other items from Sinatra’s 1980s suite are in the auction, like a full canopy bar and his piano.
  • For instance, some items may fetch a couple hundred, others could go for thousands.


Frank Sinatra’s gold-seated toilets are officially up for auction! The items come from Sinatra’s Chairman Suite in Atlantic City. S&S Auction in Swedesboro, New Jersey recently stocked up on some items from the late performer’s suite, which was located at the former Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City.

S&S Auction marketing manager David Berenblit tells CBS Philly, “You actually have a chance as the public to own something that Frank Sinatra sat on or slept on.” Many of the items included were actually used by Sinatra to entertain some other famous friends. “These commodes would probably have cost somewhere around $20,000-30,000 when they were new,” Berenblit recalls.


Frank Sinatra’s toilets among the many items for auction

frank sinatra's gold-seated toilet is up for auction
Frank Sinatra’s gold-seated toilet / CBS Philadelphia

There are some items of Sinatra’s that could actually fetch a few hundred or less. But, some items like the Ferdinand Berthoud clock could go for thousands of dollars. “The clock is ornamented in bronze with an ebony case,” Berenblit explains. Dominick Amaradio, his father, and grandfather are all in the auctioning business and share that this is one of their favorite collections to date.

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“The pieces that we acquired are very awesome,” says Amaradio.

Public’s reaction to auctioning off previously used toilets

frank sinatra gold-seated toilets up for auction
Frank Sinatra clock up for auction, could fetch thousands of dollars / CBS Philadelphia

The suite that these items come from was used by Sinatra in the 1980s. Other items include a complete English canopy bar, sofas, chairs, and even his personally-used piano! Many people across the Internet are sharing their thoughts on this Sinatra-filled auction. One person says, “I don’t care how famous a human being Frank Sinatra was it’s amazing that they would sell his toilet and somebody would buy it just to impress their friends that they had Sinatra’s john.”

“I wonder how many times Dean Martin missed those toilets,” another person jokes. It comes as a surprise to a lot of people that they are auctioning off a used toilet. Regardless, this collection could fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars and any of the public has a chance to own a piece of history. In conclusion, learn more about the items up for auction:

This got us to thinking… what are some of the Strangest & Most Outlandish toilets out there! We found this video showing some bizzare rest stops! Enjoy! 🙂

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