12-Year-Old Mows Lawns So He Can Save Up For College

12 year old Jaylin Clyburn has been cutting lawns to save money for college

More kids could learn from Jaylin Clyburn. He is only 12-years-old but he combined his love of helping his community with planning for his future. He decided that he wanted to start saving money for college but wasn’t sure how to make the money. Jaylin said his cousin has a landscaping company and that is what gave him the idea to cut lawns.

Jaylin decided to post on Facebook, advertising his lawn services. A man in his community named Joe Lalino saw the post. Normally, he would hire a professional lawn service, but he was impressed by Jaylin’s entrepreneurial spirit and decided to hire him.


More about Jaylin’s lawn business

jaylin mowing the lawn
Jaylin mowing lawn / YouTube

Jaylin’s mother and cousin came with Jaylin on his first gig at Joe’s house. Joe quickly noticed that Jaylin didn’t really have the proper lawn equipment he needed. He was likely working with a lawnmower his mother had or one that was given to him.

joe lalino
Joe Lalino / YouTube

Joe let Jaylin use his lawnmower. Jaylin and his cousin worked hard for hours to make sure the lawn looked perfect. Joe took Jaylin under his wing and helped him to design flyers and taught him how to market his little business more effectively. He was so impressed by this smart 12-year-old.


mowing lawn
Jaylin mowing / YouTube

Now, Jaylin said he has cut over 100 lawns! He plans to continue to keep saving up the money he needs. He even plans to mow lawns after school and on weekends, although he said that he will always put his homework and family first. Jaylin said he aspires to go to college and then get to the NFL. His favorite players are Cam Newton and David Tepper.

jaylin flyer
Jaylin’s flyer / YouTube

According to WFMY News 2, Joe said, “Right now, America needs more mothers like Jaylin’s mother and we need more kids like Jaylin.” We agree!

How sweet is this story? Good luck to Jaylin and his future endeavors! It sounds like he has quite the future ahead of him if he is already planning for it at the age of 12. Most kids his age are probably playing video games and definitely not thinking about saving up for college!

In other heartwarming news, a frugal carpenter saved his money his entire life.

Before he died, he wanted to give his savings away to kids to pay for their college! He paid for college for 33 strangers.

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