The 3 Most Reliable Mortgage Lending Companies For Homeowners

most reliable mortgage companies for homeowners
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You’ve certainly heard the word ‘mortgage’ tossed around here and there. The origin of the word is French and it literally means “death pledge.” However, there are so many mortgage companies out there dedicated to helping homeowners pay it off by helping them save money, refinance, and more, so there is no need to worry!

Consumer finance has been made easier with these companies being available right at our fingertips. Here are the 3 best mortgage companies for any homeowner!

1. LendingTree

Process for using LendingTree

LendingTree is available both online and through mobile. This service is incredibly helpful and user-friendly. Start by seeing your credit score and learning what you can do with it. LendingTree creates custom recommendations for you based on your financial profile to help you save money! The service is available for help with not only mortgages, but also personal loans, student loans, and much more.

2. J.G. Wentworth

J.G. Wentworth
J.G. Wentworth

You may remember the hilarious “J.G. Wentworth, 877-CASHNOW” commercials from back in the day. They still stand by their “cash now” slogan, helping you to “get a quote in minutes for your future structured settlement payments.” In terms of home mortgages, J.G. Wentworth can help you find the best rate, a loan officer, or you can simply do a live chat with a home loan specialist for additional support. With no points or hidden fees, it’s no wonder J.G. Wentworth is among the top mortgage companies for homeowners. 

3. Quicken Loans

quicken loans
Mortgage plans for Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans is another top mortgage lending service that gives you plenty of options to choose from. They let you compare mortgage rates from their most popular loan options, while also letting you know the benefits of each plan. Quicken Loans also has a list of resources from a home buyer’s guide, to a refinance guide, and mortgage calculators. This is another great service to use if you want to save and have a helpful guide through the process of mortgages.

No matter which mortgage lending company you choose, rest assured they have your best interest in mind as a homeowner. They’re here to help you save!

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