Can You Solve This Order Of Operations Problem With Only 7s?

can you solve this math problem of only 7s_

We’re back again with a classic DYR math problem! This one might be a doozy for you. The question to the problem is as follows: 7 + 7 ÷ 7 + 7 × 7 – 7 = ?

It’s important that when approaching this math problem, you remember the order of operations, otherwise known as PEMDAS (parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, adding, subtracting). Even with PEMDAS helping you out, these math problems can still be super tricky. So, what’s the answer? 50.


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So, how do you get the answer 50 from this math problem of only 7s? One video explains how to get the answer. There are apparently two different ways to achieve this correct answer. “One way to solve this problem is to translate the numerical equation into a sentence,” the video explains, “Imagine all the quantities involve money. The equation starts out with 7 which will translate as meaning that you start out with $7.”

“The equation then has plus 7 divided by 7. This is interpreted as receiving a 1/7 share of $7. A 1/7 share of $7 is $1, and you’re receiving the money, so you’re going to want to add $1.”


Writing math problems on chalkboard
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The video continues, “We then have plus 7 times 7, that can be interpreted as receiving $7 a total of 7 different times… this means you receive $49 more. Finally, we have minus 7, which means that $7 is taken away from you… 7 + 1 is 8. 8 + 49 is 57, minus 7 is 50.”

Now, here’s the second way you can arrive at ’50’ for the answer, and it’s probably the easiest way if you remember PEMDAS and live by that rule. Order of operations time! Since there’s no parentheses or exponents, we move right onto the multiplication and division first. In the equation, 7 divided by 7 is 1, and 7 times 7 is 49.

Writing math problems on chalkboard
Writing math problems on chalkboard / proprofs

So, from there, we substitute those results into the equation, making it 7 + 1 + 49 – 7. Now, following the order of operations, we only have addition and subtraction left to tackle, how convenient! We can evaluate this from left to right. 7 + 1 is 8, 8 + 49 is 57, and 57 – 7 is 50.

I’ve never been a huge math wiz myself and I have to say the order of operations technique is probably the easiest but to each their own! Can you solve this on your own without using the video or explanation for guidance?

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Kids doing math problems / Ira Parenting

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