You Can Now Buy Sonic’s Crunchy Ice For Around $2 A Bag


Do you regularly head on over to Sonic? If so, do you know what ice we are talking about? They have this crunchy, slushy ice that is absolutely perfect for all of your favorite beverages. It keeps all drinks nice and cold and the ice just tastes better than other ice!

This kind of ice is actually called “nugget ice” or “pebble ice.” If you love this type of ice, you can purchase an ice maker that makes it, but it could be very expensive. Lucky for you, Sonic is now selling 10-pound bags of their highly coveted ice. Please keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the Sonic you are visiting.


How can you use Sonic ice?

Bag of Sonic ice / Facebook

Nugget ice is perfect for lots of summer food and drinks. You could use the ice as a classy way to display cold foods outside and keep them safe to eat. Simply fill an inflatable pool with the ice and then display your food for a summer party.


It works even better for drinks! You could make slushes, smoothies, cocktails, frozen cocktails, and so much more. The ice also makes a great cold pack for injuries. Some schools actually keep the Sonic ice on hand to use as cold packs when kids, especially athletes, inevitably get injured.

Find out which drinks taste the best with Sonic ice

If you are craving a Cherry Limeade and don’t want to leave your house to drive to Sonic, try this recipe. First, fill a glass about 2/3 full with Sonic ice. Add Sprite and cherry juice. Then add the juice of about three limes and feel free to throw those in. Mix with a straw.

Mint Julep / Flickr

Cocktails also go great with this ice. How about a Mint Julep? Add in some mint leaves and simple syrup. Muddle the leaves over the syrup. Then add your choice of bourbon and of course, the Sonic ice!

Moscow Mule / Wikimedia Commons

Another cocktail that just needs this ice is a Moscow Mule. Mix vodka, ginger beer, limes, and of course Sonic ice! Which drink or cocktail do you want to try right now? Will you go and buy the Sonic ice? Call your local Sonic first to see if the ice is available at that location. Unfortunately, not all of them sell it.

Sonic Ice / Facebook

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Watch the video below on “The Cult Appeal of Sonic Drive-In Ice”:

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