‘Jeopardy!’ Questions That Even The Smartest People Couldn’t Get Right

Jeopardy / NBC

Do you love watching Jeopardy! in the evenings? Be honest, do you shout out the answers before the contestants buzz in? If you think you could win big at this game of questions, try your hand at some of these. The following questions have reportedly stumped even the smartest of people.

If you’re ready to test your knowledge, try answering these super hard Jeopardy! questions. We may even give you a hint first! Count how many you know and then send to a friend to see if they can beat you.


Hint: It is not Taming of the Shrew

play question
Play Question / NBC

The clue is to make sure to notice it is an ‘Ibsen’ play. That refers to Henrik Ibsen. The answer is The Wild Duck.

Do you know Vietnam roads?

roads question
Roads Question / NBC

The answer is a mouth full: The Ho Chi Minh Trail. Did you get it right?


Hint: She was a speaker and author in the ’60s and ’70s.

samoa question
Samoa Question / NBC

She was also an anthropologist. Her name was Margaret Mead.

Hint: He was once given the title “Public Enemy No. 1”

creepy question
Creepy Question / NBC

The answer is Alvin Karpis. The criminal has been portrayed in the 1974 film The F.B.I. Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One. Have you seen it?

Hint: Only think about northern countries…

newsprint question
Newsprint Question / NBC

The answer is Canada! Did you know that?

This one is tough!

1238 question
1238 Question / NBC

Did you guess The Alhambra? If so, you’re right!

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